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The truth is, I always, and I mean always, have something else going on. It’s a curse and a blessing at the same time. I come across a new tool, article, strategy, graphic style, and BOOM! I need to know everything about it.

Today it’s the DIVI Builder plugin. The same plugin I used to design this very site. It’s super functional and can do just about anything your heart desires when it comes to page building. And….that’s where the problem lies. I’ll spend hours tweaking codes and adjusting margins that make a world of a difference to me yet may not to you. Then, after understanding how it all works, I change it back. Kinda silly, really. However, extremely necessary. Allow me to expand…

You see, when someone commissions me to build their site, one of the first things that I’ll ask is, “Is there another site that you like and want to use it as a template or guide for yours?” By fully understanding what I’m capable of doing with the DIVI Builder will allow me to determine if it’s the right page builder for their vision. If not, then it’s probably something I can create with Visual Composer, one of the leading page building plugins ever.